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Waterproofing and split face block masonry sealing in Chicago

Waterproofing and CMU sealing in Chicago
Chicago condo buildings built in the last 20 years with concrete block (split face block) all suffer from the widespread issue of water intrusion which can cause major issues to the structure including mold infestation. Over the years we have tested and developed the methods to properly seal the split face blocks once and for all and offer full warranty to back our statement. Masonry sealing is a difficult project. Properly sealed condo unit starts with the top, we inspect roof, parapet wall and flashings and work our way down. Next to inspect are all the flashings above the windows and doors, caulking around the windows and doors, decks and through wall protrusions. Job is finalized with proper sealing of split-face blocks and the job is completed for years to come. Give us a call and we will guide you through the entire process in details. Our masonry waterproofing service is unmatched.

split face block sealing

Our crew working on a sealing project

Masonry problems usually have to do with water. If water seeps through areas, especially on walls and other support systems, a great deal of issues start to manifest. In the home, water damage could lead to the formation of mold spores and that could end up being deadly. It’s for that reason that professionals should be called in to fix, or even build waterproofing at various stages of home ownership and building. Do not try to do it on your own without the help of an experienced masonry expert, as you’ll find that several problems could occur.

masonry sealing chicago

Another masonry waterproofing project completed

Preventing water from penetrating historic masonry is important. If allowed to penetrate, it subjects the masonry to the damaging effects of freeze / thaw cycles as well as the crystallization of expansive salts. Penetrating and breathable water repellents should be considered as a possible tool to prevent water penetration. However, if an inappropriate water repellent is applied, it can actually assist in trapping moisture in the wall instead of keeping it out.
If you’re looking for  split face block selaing, and want to ensure that you get the best work. You’ll want to understand a few simple steps towards getting the right type of protection with your brickwork.

Selecting a Masonry Waterproofing system – First and foremost, we will choose the type and application of the product that will serve as the barrier between water and your home, or interior of a building.

Flashing Installation – Wall flashing is important and could come in many forms. Flashing is often done in line with sheet metal professionals and is required at various points of masonry and the home’s walls or moisture could seep in.

Weeps – Weeps need to be in place in order for drainage to occur. Water barriers are set up with flashing, weeps are put into correct spacing so that water can easily drain out and pushed away from any walls constructed.

flashing installation

During flashing installation

The aforementioned is just a quick overview of simple masonry wall waterproofing. This sort of work requires an advanced skillset, especially when protecting the wall base, window sills, steel lintels, and any openings around the home. Doors, windows, glass areas, roofing, and many other places around the home require attention.
In the end, it’s imperative to have a contractor look at these stages when working with brickwork of varying types. Without good protection from water, the elements could cause irreversible damage to a home.


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Caulking replacement

Failed and deteriorated caulking should be properly removed, backer rod installed and new sealant applied and tooled for a proper water tight seal.

Caulking comes in one part and two part mixes depending upon your needs. Many standard colors in stock – custom colors can be ordered.

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