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Tuckpointing Chicago

When it comes to working with bricks, you may think that you have it all down to a science. Many homeowners make the big mistake of going with a “DIY” process, and it’s not at all the same as a professional. The experience needed to work with this type of project is grand, especially if you want to build intricate design, and perhaps even structures that will withstand the elements. There are a lot of people that assume the process is just about mortar and brick laying, but it’s not. If you’re going to pursue this methodology, first, consider searching for Chicago tuckpointing, and see what it takes to get this done right.


Grinding out bad masonry joints before tuckpointing.

Tuckpointing defined
The important steps of repointing or brick pointing are: indentify areas of the building which require repointing, cut out mortar joints to proper depth and clean, prepare the new mortar for repointing and placement, compacting and tooling of new tuckpointing in Chicago.
In order to avoid damage of the masonry units and spalling of the face brick, the compressive strength of new, repointing mortar should be the same or weaker than the strength of original mortar. Sometimes custom coloring of the repointing mortar may be required to match the original color. It is a building maintenance procedure and has to be performed periodically especially on the areas exposed to elements. By properly tuckpointing and maintaining the building you will ensure a long lasting structure. Only an expert will be able to get this to a fine point so that you have good, standout lines amidst the colorful bricks. A good job takes time, and while it may cost some, it will not bankrupt you. Furthermore, it will last a lot longer as a result. We will make sure to keep your tuckpointing cost within budget while delivering outstanding quality.

Tuckpointing chimney

Tuckpointing with new color matched mortar

Proffesionals do it best
With thousands of tuckpointing projects under our belt you can be sure that the your Chicago tuckpointing project will be taken care of as it should be and for years to come.
You may want to try your hand at this, and you may very well get good at it, but it will be a painstaking and laborious attempt. Most will not be able to have the right tools for the job, let alone the experience to get things precisely lined up. It’s for that reason that you should definitely call a contractor that specializes in this type of work. When you see a good brick wall, or a chimney that has this attention to the lines and symmetry, you’ll denote whether or not a professional did it. There’s a certain uniformity to the joints and the colors all in one, which is not easy to achieve on your first try.


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