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Chimney repair and Fireplace repair

Chimney repair

Chimneys are exposed to the effects of wind, snow, ice and rain. At the same time are heated by hot gases from the fire. Therefore chimneys are subject to continuous, repetitive expansions and contractions which create a lot of movement and deterioration.

Deteriorated chimney and crown

Deteriorated chimney and crown

Chimney rebuilding and tuckpointing

Chimney repairs may include several areas: firebox repointing and rebuilding. The firebox is the brick area where the fire is built. All loose and damaged brick and mortar should be repaired.
The damper repair. The damper closes the flu when the fireplace is not in use so heat doesn’t escape through the chimney.

Chimney flue repairs and chimney liners

The flue is the internal part of the chimney that funnels exhaust from the fireplace to the outside. If the flue cracks, breaks or is blocked by the debris or creosote build up it is a safety hazard that needs to be repaired.

Completely destroyed chimney flue.

Completely destroyed chimney flue.

Chimney crown repair

The mortar crown is the concrete or limestone surface at the top of the chimney that keeps water out of the flue. A cracked or broken crown should be repaired immediately to avoid serious water damage. Left unrepaired will provide the way for water to penetrate the masonry. Water is subject to freeze cycles and so cause masonry to deteriorate. In the most severe case the damaged part of the chimney needs to be rebuild. Unrepaired chimneys and fireboxes can release dangerous gases into the building. They can allow flames and sparks to escape and come in contact with potentially combustible materials, creating a fire hazard.Chimneys with loose masonry can cause damage and injury when loosened brick or stone falls down.

chimney repair arlington hts

During chimney repair.

Please visit our Portfolio Page to see more examples of our chimney repairs or contact us to consult any chimney and fireplace related issue with one of our specialists.

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