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Chicago tuckpointing

Whether your project is big or small, we can take care of it! We have vast knowledge, experience and expertise to handle any size of a project, from small masonry repairs to commercial grade restoration work. Tuckpointing is a typical masonry maintenance tasks and has to be inspected and properly repaired as the time goes by.

Parapet wall rebuilding

We can handle any parapet restoration project, big or small, Chicago or suburbs.

Masonry Restoration

These beautiful masonry steps were deteriorated and in need of repair. We have restored bricks, concrete and stone work to preserve the look and restore the condition. We also install new masonry. One of our favorite installations lately is stone veneer.

This Chicago brick house was in need of general masonry maintenance all throughout the house. We performed glass block installation, chimney rebuilding, and spot tuckpointing all around to restore its classic appearance.

We are full service masonry company, and can handle any type of masonry projects: lintel replacements, firewall rebuilding, chemical masonry cleaning, mailboxes and more.

Commercial & Multifamily masonry restoration

We have successfully completed hundreds of projects for our commercial, multifamily, and industrial clients. Whatever project you have, you can be sure, that you are dealing with top notch, experienced commercial masonry company with expertise to execute the project efficiently and meet all your needs.

Chimney Repair Work and Chimney Liners

Chimney plays an important role in nearly every home. They are also susceptible to deterioration problems over time as they are exposed to harsh weather elements.

Water entering a chimney can cause numerous problems, and should be prevented with a good quality chimney crown.  Water infiltration will contribute to deterioration of brick, mortar, chimney crown and structure as a whole. Such damage should be properly addressed and resolved to make sure the chimney stays watertight from the roof to the top. We can take care of spalling and cracking brick, crumbling mortar joints and chimney crown failures once and for all.

We proudly serve Chicago and all surrounding suburbs.

Masonry Waterproofing, Sealing and Caulking in Chicago

Waterproofing and sealing of masonry is a big part of what we do. Many newly constructed buildings in Chicago present numerous flaws in construction and design like lack or improper installation of flashings and weep holes, use of untreated CMU blocks (concrete blocks) prone to moisture penetration and poorly sealed expansion joints. Our company is experienced in application and installation of different waterproofing systems for both new construction and existing buildings. We can address water intrusion at building facades by providing application of water repellents, sealers and waterproofing paint, caulking, installation of through-wall flashings, inspection and repair of existing air and water barriers, flashings, expansion joints. Give us a call for a free consultation and we will address any of your problems.

We will inspect the condition of the existing masonry and water resistance, advise you on required repair and prepare a thorough estimate of the cost. We will ensure your house or building is free of water intrusion point which can lead to mold and expensive interior damage.

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Concrete and Pavers

We also handle concrete work including driveways, sidewalks and stairs, pavers and patios, even tile installation. We work with our customers and designers to update the look of your house.


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